Thursday, May 31, 2007

Terrible twins?

Life has been on the hectic side during the month of May. Have been to Lusaka, Nairobi and Maputo for different reasons and then of course the "normal" work and life in Zimbabwe.

I won't tire you with yet another "Air Zimbabwe" disaster description but yes, there was one. >24 hours this time.

Stayed with friends Tom and Susan in Kenya. One morning Susan discovered the men had put on more or less identical outfits, completely unintentionally. So here we are in all our "white men" glory.

Was nice to see Nairobi, a really hectic place though. Trafficjams like I have seen only a few times in my life. It seems to take at least 45 minutes to get from point A to B no matter where or when you are going.

Also had time for a short trip outside town to Ngong hills and a beautiful view of the famous Rift Valley.