Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Telephone & Bluetooth craze

Instead of writing about travels and logistical nightmares a few lines about our ongoing "cellphone madness" - or maybe I should say mine.

After Mia's very nice W300i arrived I inherited her "old" Z520i. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever but I guess the old "I also want" got me in it's grip. I got the chance when I heard that friend Anna T was going to Sweden for a short visit and bought a secondhand Z550i on Now all these have Bluetooth built-in but none of our 2 PCs have. So I asked friend HÃ¥kan Lutz to shop for me a usb-bluetooth "pin" and 2 bluetooth handsfree.

This he promptly did and Anna came back with a bag full of "goodies". It took me a day to get our Kubuntu Linux based laptops configured and the handsfree paired with the respective phones. And this is really neat - transfer of music for Mia is now really easy and for me files or software. All is neatly built-in to Linux and so far have not added any drivers or software. Though now I have to figure out how to synch my Kontact data with the phone calendar.

The story might continue....