Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Find for the handy car enthusiast

Found this on the streets of Harare some time ago:

Anyone interested I can find out if this classic Volvo P1800 sportscar is for sale? You DO have to be the handy, fixing mechanic (mad) type though...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lichinga notes

Back in Lichinga, Niassa province, Mozambique. A place where very few things work as planned or expected. Internet one of them, terribly unreliable and poor quality. TDM "Bandalarga", more like Bandapico if you ask me, is running a series of TV adverts where people get "blown away" by the high speed internet. Sure. More like that old ad where someone falls asleep in front of the computer waiting for that mail with attachment.

Any way, Tuesday was inauguration of the long awaited fibre optic cable connection coming to Lichinga. Pomp and circumstance, disco music and orchestras, honorable (?) ministers and such the whole day. Internet suddenly working quite well... for 3 days.

Yesterday back to Bandapico, can hardly open gmail interface. Ministers etc back in Maputo I guess.