Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doctors, pains and 3G

Following visit to a rather useless "back doctor" who told me nothing I could not figure out myself I find I am still on and off in pain. Apparently a "pinched sciatic nerve" is (quote doctor) "tricky". As I said, nothing I could not figure out myself.

It has become much better with a mixture of rest and a healthy dosis of exercise but some things makes it raise its rather ugly head. One of them being driving long distances, I did some 730 km yesterday and that was not good at all.

Once we are in 2010 I will find a chiropractor but for now I live with it. More seriously, as I see it, I was diagnosed with high bloodpressure and am now trying to come to terms with that and bring it down. On that issue at least I think I have found a decent doctor and I have good support from the National Blood Transfusion Service as I am a donor. Have also found that a surprisingly large number of friends and colleagues have the same problem.

One good result of that and other medical issues is that I have been thoroughly tested, scanned, looked over and pinched at. Apparently I am, except for high BP, in perfect health.

As our landbased telephone line died a while ago (TelOne are "upgrading" they say) all internet access from home disappeared. Given that Econet wireless now have huge billboards advertising the arrival of 3G internet, "browse from your laptop wherever you are", we got a modem and an activated line.

To start positive: it works. Just about. Most of the time. But if this is "3G" then I hope our landline comes back online soon. I can, just about, receive and send emails. From 2 rooms in one corner of the house. I would call that 0.5G or something. Slower than dial-up by far.

Econet are doing their usual thing: First we advertise, launch and oversubscribe. THEN we get the necessary equipment to deal with the traffic it has created.

And, also as usual, Harare is worst hit. Others living in smaller cities are quite satisfied.

As always: patience is a virtue...