Monday, October 31, 2005

Some guys wants to start early with driving! Eric simply loves cars and you can hardly get him out of it should he manage to find his way in. Keys is another darling "toy" and one better keep an eye on all keys.  Posted by Picasa

The Tank! We bought and installed just over a week ago. 5000 litres (almost, it doesn't get completely full) for those very frequent watercuts. And it has already paid off, yesterday afternoon some time water stopped flowing in! But we should be OK for quite a few days now if we ration it a bit. The system only feeds the house itself. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Plane incident

Who thought it is always nice to travel? Yesterday I had chicken salad for lunch at this place called "Bugattis" by Lake Centurion. Will never go back. Was nice but I started feeling "funny" almost immediately after. During the afternoon my stomach started making noises and I felt worse.

At the airport I start feeling tired and weak and really awkward in the stomach region. On the bus to the plane (that took for bloody ever) it just went worse and when we were in our seats I was starting to think I was going to throw up.

Of course the whole comes to a climax during takeoff when you can in no way leave your seat! I started feeling like my head, hands and arms were buzzing and tingling, cold sweat was all over me (could hear the guy next to me comment) and I had to call for help, honestly thought I was going to faint right there and then.

The flight attendant wanted me to bow down and put my head between my legs but I was like 100 I was going to vomit if I did that. The guy in next seat suggested lying down on the floor - yeah sure during take-off... not to mention how seriously dramatic that would have looked.

Anyhow, I recovered after some minutes, got a glass of cold water and later a whisky to keep me alive. Once back home it became very evident that I had eaten something bad since I am still suffering from a terrible stomach.

No more salads for me is all I say, at least not on the same day I am about to fly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Southafrica really is more like Europe in many parts. Wifi-hotspots, huge shoppingmalls, the latest technologies, trendy caf�s and restaurants - but other parts are of course very poor and undeveloped. An extremely "split" economy actually and they have a huge task in trying to lessen the gap between "haves" and "have nots". Posted by Picasa
Just trying to post something but Blogger seems "down". Anyway, am still in Centurion, between Joburg and Pretoria in Southafrica. Just waiting for a driver to take me to the airport where I will spend some time waiting for my flight later this afternoon. I prefer to be well on time and have finalised my work here anyhow.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lovely lovely! Am in a place called Centurion "between" Johannesburg and Pretoria. Staying at a hotel with a little artificial lake outside and a HUGE shoppingmall next full of nice restaurants and a billion shops. Had the most fabolous seafood platter last night in a place called O'Galito - recommended if you happen to be in the area. Am contemplating where to dine tonite, only thing is that it is quite boring eating alone

Sunday, October 23, 2005

"Clean" data

Managed to forget my usb memory "stick" in my jeans and had it washed in the washingmachine... just shook out the water, let it dry up thoroughly and then put it in the computer. No problem whatsever! Talk about verified "clean" data - virusfree too!


Spent a "perfect day" at our friends Tom & Susan yesterday. Our kids thouroughly enjoying running around, swimming (well, at least trying to) in the pool and playing with whatever comes their way. We just idled, ate some nice food, had a few drinks and relaxed.

And as a perfect ending; rain! Good rain too, the kind that one knows is the start of the rainy season and we are all waiting for that now. Let us hope it becomes a really good rainy season now, a lot of people will then hopefully not go hungry. And our gardener has just planted maize so the timing is excellent!

Maybe difficult for some to understand but the start of the rains is really something we look forward to when it is just getting warmer and drier every day.

Computers computers

Can´t believe what has been happening. SCC bought a new server after the long series of problems with the old one (see earlier post). Took me ages to get it all set up and working, partly due to Microsofts damned "verification" system.

And Friday the new is DEAD, and I mean not a lifesign. After frantic calling to SA (where it was bought) and a lot of tinkering I managed to establish that the power supply is "gone". At least not a motherboard this time. Am flying to SA tomorrow for other purposes so am bringing the dead psu with me. Wish me luck in Customs... at least on my return Wednesday evening.