Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday it is

Monday morning and back to normal. First "full week" ahead of me since we left for Dar 17 July.
Mia is most unhappy with the photo of the 2 of us that I posted, will have to go through how she can post her own blogs and photos!
Checked latest Star Wars at the movies last night with friends Eldridge & Tove. Impressive technically and that it manages to keep the plot going even though one knows that Anakin will somehow become the Darth Vader we have all known for near 30 years now (yes, that is how old the first Star Wars, "A New Hope", is by now). As an old die-hard fan I will probably always like the first trilogy better though. George Lucas once talked about having enough script for nine movies but let's hope he now puts an end to it!
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