Sunday, August 20, 2006

Exploding notebook batteries...

Well, for those of you who follow IT news this is not really news. For others it might be very important news. Especially if you have a Dell notebook computer!

For some time now there have been reports that some Dell notebooks have very literally burst into flames, almost exploded actually. The problem was traced to a certain type of battery, manifactured by Sony for Dell.

Dell is now recalling/replacing these batteries and have set up a special website where you can check your battery: Dell Battery Return Program

Well I checked and what do you know, I have been carrying around a small bomb for some time now... I was advised to immediately remove the battery and run the PC on A/C power until they can send my replacement battery! Well, the battery was already out as serialnumber is on the side turned to the inside of the PC so no problems there. And I am sure not putting it back!

Now when I get back home I have to check my extra battery and hope that it is not one of the possible bombs too.
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