Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Corner Bar & Water

A typical weekend scene from Corner Bar in Dar es Salaam (copyright Maria Wall). This famous waterhole (also called Royal Chole Road Country Club, Losers Corner etc) has reportedly been cleared out together with all other container shops and bars along the same stretch. It won't be the same next time we come to Dar.

Other news; we finally managed to sell the Ford Taurus in which Eric was born and have used the money to drill a borehole. After a diviner pointed out 2 sites we contracted a driller and then - waited. And waited. And waited.

Endless stories of problems, repairs and promises keeping us waiting home weekend after weekend. But at last they did start last Friday and hit water eventually. Not as deep down or as much as the diviner promised but we are not willing to risk losing what we have found by going any deeper (they were hitting hard rock). It is predicted to produce around 500 litres / hour - should be enough for anything basically.

Now "all" that is left is to install pump (already bought) and other equipment needed to use the water.

Also had the first real rain and thunder today so happy we managed to get drilling done before that. A relief for the garden and newly planted veggies and maize.  Posted by Picasa
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