Sunday, November 04, 2007

Meltingpot in Maputo

Seems it now is more of a monthly thing to write somethng on the blog but the truth of the matter (as I see it at least) is that I work and/or travel to an extent where the remaining energy has to be spent on family life rather than more computer time.

As things go I am in Maputo, capital of Mozambique, as I blog this and for the first time in a very long time happen to have a weekend "in between", dedicated to nothing. So am sitting by the poolside at Terminus Hotel watching kids having a gas and just chilling myself. And with wi-fi hotspot and a draft Laurentina "clara" (clear, not stout) just being served life could be worse.

Well - it seems everytime I travel something happens at home. This time Eric had a bad cough and the night before I left had over 39C fever. So Mia takes him straight from airport to clinic where they are worried enough to keep him for observation due to the fever. Those are the times when you hate having to leave and drop everything in your loved one's lap. Thank Oden and Freya she is a strong woman and can cope.

So after a thoroughly stressful Friday with my recommended taxi driver Micas - who do speak about 3 words English and I speak about 3 words Portuguese but we manage. Somehow. I stop by this little "hole in the wall" restaurant opposite the hotel to have a well-deserved cool beer. It is HOT in Maputo this time of the year. So I ask if I can have a chair next to these guys who seem to have been enjoying their day since lunchtime or so.

Next thing my "neighbour" ask me where I am from. Stating Sweden he exclaims "Hej du" and tells me he is from Chile but lived in Turkku, Finland before coming to Moz some 10 years ago. His tennispartner Torsten is German and only the third guy is actually from Moz. When I tell them I am sort of "stopping over" on my way to Lichinga Torsten shouts (a bit high he was) "do you then know the King of Lichinga, Hans"? I tell him that I had dinner with Hans twice a couple of weeks ago - in Maputo.

Later that same evening I go to a Thai restarant close to the hotel. I am still a bit tired and not really up to go clubbing so I just have a nice meal and then decide to sleep my "jetlag" off. I could post a separate thing about the trip but let's just shorten it to say I spent 12 hours getting from Harare to Maputo and was dead meat by the time I arrived. As I finished my meal these two young guys are looking for a table and I hear they speak Swedish. So I tell them to take my table as I am about to leave. We chat a bit and when they hear I am going to Lichinga they ask if I heard of this boy from Sweden who study distance at the International School in Maputo. Yes... I know Anton who happens to be the son of the SCC manager Gunnel in Lichinga...

On Saturday I call my old friend from Zimbabwe, Emmerson, and we spend most of the day together at the seaside with his wife while frantically trying to call Zim (network headaches).

That is Maputo - sit down somewhere and you are likely to meet someone who knows someone and so on. Love this place and so much wish the family could have come with me!
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