Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Burglars in the neighbourhood...

What a way to start the new year for our next door neighbours! Last Thursday some time after midnight we were awakened by screams, shouts and lots of noise. In all honesty I thought they had a bad domestic fight but I was very wrong.

It turned out that 2 guys armed with iron bars had managed to get into the house using a "flapdoor" for their dogs and cats. They normally lock this at bedtime but just happened to sit up late and had left it open.

To force the man in the house to open the safe they beat him with the iron bars, this being some of the shouts and screams we heard. They got away with money, cellphones and cameras.

Since I know how it feels to have armed intruders in your house I feel really bad I didn't react and check it up but the problem is that some years ago they had some really loud arguments...

I have never understood though how they think about security. No alarm, no guards and a very unsecure "see-through" old gate. Dogs scare many people but a lot of people don't give a damn and most dogs then back off actually.

Next day we tested our alarm only to find out that our "panic-buttons" that saved us that time were not working... the company recommends testing the alarm weekly and we will definitely increase our frequency.
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