Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hard year on the planet

Loudon Wainwright III once wrote a song called "Another hard day on the planet" (correct me if I am wrong someone) and when I reflect more on 2005 it sure seems to have been "another hard year on the planet".

From what I remember and can read more conflicts than ever either continues or refuse to die. A lot of these are connected to what used to be called the "north-south"-problem or in short the underlying conflicts between have and have-not. As an added dimension over the last few years we have the religious dimension and the seemingly increasing terrorism.

On top of that I can not remember any year that have been so clearly marred by natural disasters, one after the other. It seems our way of wasteful living is finally catching up with us. Many years ago (1976) the artist duo Godley/Creme of 10cc released a 3LP called "Consequenses", in many parts rather unlistenable but interesting. It dealt with the concept that Earth would hit back on humanity using natural disasters and I am asking if they were not simply ahead of their time?

It is thoughts like these that sometimes makes me wonder what on Earth(?) or maybe what kind of Earth we are bringing our kids up to live in.
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