Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Heaven and hell in Kariba

First of all a nice photo of the Victoria Falls bridge spanning the Zambesi river and some 111 m high. From this Sandra did her bungyjump...

Last weekend we spent at Mauya Lodge in Kariba and that turned out to be a great place! OK no elephants in the pool as on the photo but at a nice viewing distance. We relaxed and spent time catching up with friends HÃ¥kan Lutz and family. Also drove around the lake a bit.

So what was the "hell" part? Well, waking up the first night with Eric first vomiting and then having a burning hot fever! At 00.30 we decided we would have to try and find a clinic, hospital or whatever. Now driving in the pitch dark night on bad roads towards a clinic you have no idea where it is with a kid with high fever is not fun. At all. In fact I have not been so scared for long long time.

We eventually found the place thanks to a busdriver we stopped but what a hospital... nothing like what we have in Harare. A nightnurse was the staff and he took the temperature and immediately dosed up a malaria-cure. When we asked why he said "well the child has high fever and this is a high-risk area for malaria". When I pointed out that we had just arrived and that he was on malaria prevention then he wrote us a prescription for antibiotica to pick up in the morning and assured the temperature would go down. As it actually did but I did not sleep until 4 am or so and was not much fun the following day.

Lesson learnt; next time we go "bush" we load up with medications and check the kids look OK before we leave... but otherwise a fabulous place for spending a lazy weekend! And special thanks to the caretaker Shadreck who turned out to be both a most friendly person and a really good cook!
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