Monday, February 27, 2006


Sweden won the icehockey Olympic Games gold medal!! And I did not see the game... though I actually for once had the opportunity to. It was being screened on DSTV and a friend was watching it anc I could have gone there.

IF not things had got in the way. Friday evening the power went for the whole area or line we are on thanks to a rather impressive thunderstorm. Then on Saturday it came back for all but us and 2 of our neighbours. Again.

So once more harassing ZESA to get power back and finally got it back just before the game was to start and then we had multitudes of cleaning up and cooking and whatnot to fix so did not feel right to leave Mia alone with it all.

Speaking of power - we must have been the only family in Zimbabwe (or Harare at least) that never noticed the earthquake last week! All slept through it and were more than surprised the next day to hear of rattling houses and moving beds. Strange since I am normally a very light sleeper but I guess that either I was really tired or that our house was spared somehow.
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