Friday, March 17, 2006


Drats - as a friend of mine often says when something is not going her way. We do have power back and all that but the chaos, frequent cuts and surges I suppose created by these over the last weeks has led to a very unpleasant surprise.

Our electric gate stopped working and when the guys had a look at it they told me that both the control-board, the intercom and the intercom cable were beyond repair.... to fix this is almost as expensive as putting a brand new gate (actually the guy is suggesting we replace the swing-open "Jurassic Park"-gate with a sliding gate) and there went all plans for various nice items or mini-holidays or whatever. Thank you ZESA!

They have by the way officially sent us notice that Zimbabwe can look forward to a cold winter. Not weather-wise but they foresee that they will not be able to supply enough power and will so introduce load-shedding during morning and evening hours. Great... we can look forward to like 3 evenings and 2 mornings a week without electricity.
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