Thursday, March 23, 2006

A tough time

Eric has had a hard time lately. First he got tonsilitis once more, second time lately. So off to the clinic where he got antibiotics and then came home to a house yet again without power.

Not that I think that particular issue bothered him too much. But when I got home he once again had fever and high at it, over 39C. When it did not come down Mia took him back to the clinic and when they could not get it down he was admitted to hospital. So I packed a "nightbag" for the 2 of them and found him very much asleep on arrival.

Of course no power at home or water so a very dark and rather sleepless night (the alarm freaks out after a while) followed by a "no shower no coffee"-morning.

Next day the doctor judged it better to keep him for another night and now it was Mum who needed fresh clothes and more items plus sleeping blanket and sheets etc. I looked like some freak variety of Father Christmas when I got there.

Found a now very active and bored little boy (the boredom shared with Mum of course... we are not talking single rooms with TV here) who screamed of frustation when he could not leave with Pappa.

Next day I went there to be there when the Doctor made the round. Found a totally hyper boy and very frustraded mother. He was now all over the place and utterly tired of it. Thank God he was deemed OK to go home now.

BUT with a load of medications I have rarely seen the like of. We are now trying to make him take 3 different medications 3 times a day in rather large quantities and at least one seems to taste very foul. On first attempts all of it came up instead so we now try to dish it out in intervals which basically means he is being fed one medicine or the other almost all the time.

I really feel sorry for him and hope these 6 more days of medication will pass quickly and that it is the end of it for some time now.
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