Friday, March 03, 2006

Never give Gary Glitter money

I see in the news that Gary Glitter, or Paul Gadd as his real name is, for the second time has been convicted of offence in connection with underaged children. In UK he was booked for child pornography, in Cambodia he has been declared a non-wanted person and thrown out after being accused of similar offenses (rather more serious actually) and now in Vietnam sentenced to 3 years in prison for "offensive acts" involving underage girls.

In my humble opinion there is no possible excuse for these crimes or this sort of behaviour. If you own music by Glitter, go on playing it at home if you like. BUT if you in any way have influence over any sort of public playing (radio, arena, TV or whatever) or sales of DVD/CDs by this man - just don't! Don't give him more income from royalties! Remove him from playlists and remove his works from your shop. Don't support him with more money to travel round the world looking for other poor countries where he can lure children to be involved in his sick behaviour!
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