Friday, November 04, 2005

Another hectic week

Seems this week has been flying past. No water from City of Harare since Sunday so thanks all powers that might be that we installed the tank system before. Down to about half of it but even so it feels great!

Mia is doing exams and is busy busy and stressed but I have a feeling it is going fine. I have spent a few days compiling our first "home DVD" and that was a learning experience alright. Fun and frustrating at the same time and the ambitions I had were being hampered by reality ever so often... but at least now it is done and next time will of course be easier.

Battery. Car battery. Was driving Mia's Nissan since she needed the space in the Corolla for a much anticipated wardrobe we had made. Died on me on the way back after dropping Bradley at Montessori pre-school. Of course at the worst spot one can think of and I was really in the way of others. Got help to jumpstart it and just about made it home before it died again.

Called Eldridge and we went hunting for a new battery amidst other problems on his last day in Zimbabwe. Poor guy had a million outstanding issues before leaving this morning for Sweden with his family after more than 6 months temp work here in Zimbabwe. Don't think they will miss life in hyperinflation too much but November in Sweden weatherwise is just drab. Serious drab.

Found new battery at last and managed to get a few other things done. Already Friday, how did that happen???

Otherwise Harare is too hot to muster and we are all wating for arrival of the rainy season. Our lawn looks more like a desert at the moment.
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