Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nigeria emails

Fascinating in some ways. They seem to arrive in "batches" and lately I have been getting like 2-3 "Nigeria emails" per day. I could be a multi-multi-millionaire by now and the number of deceased persons with Sinclair as surname that has left XX million US dollars in various bankaccounts are baffling ;>)

Honestly - is there still people "out there" who would buy this by now extremely well-known scam? I have also had emails from the widows of several deceased African dictators, "princes" et al. Personally I am revolted by those who somehow claim to be victims of the farm invasions in Zimbabwe and "sons or daughters" of non-existing farmers from non-existing organisations like "The White Farmers Union of Zimbabwe".

I guess there still must be those going for it as I guess otherwise the authors would not spend their time looking for email-addresses (don't know where they find mine) and writing these rather ridicilous mails. Beats me how you can be that stupid/naive/uninformed though.
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