Friday, November 18, 2005


Have a bit of "bad feelings" over something that happened lunchtime today. Was home since we were in the process of buying an extra fridge/freezer. Had left the gate open as I was "just rushing in and out".

Of course I was delayed inside the house and when I returned to the outside I found 3 black men "loitering around" on my driveway, one having a conversation on a cellphone.

They were neatly dressed (shirt and tie) but behaved rather odd, like they were trying to check out the place. Apparently they had asked my gardener for a container of water for their car but they did in no way introduce themselves or explain the issue. Once they got the water they sped off (and I mean FAST) in a blue Nissan Sunny, we could net get the numberplates as they were driving too fast.

Hate the feeling that arise from this kind of "incidents", if someone steals a pump or a motor for the gate we will have to fork out quite a lot and then there is of course the whole "troublefree sleep"-issue. We certainly don't want a repeat of last year's armed robbery (it is about one year ago now actually)!

Theft and other forms of stealing is, sadly, a growing problem here in Zimbabwe. As the economic crisis continues more and more people simply have no other means of survival. A female friend was robbed of her cellphone while walking down the road the other day, 2 men threatened to beat her up.

Well let's just keep the fingers crossed and hope it is all false alarm. Too hot to work, think I will head home and chill before downing a few beers with friends later when it hopefully cools off a bit.

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