Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I don't like Mondays

The one and only hit that a certain Sir Geldof ever produced. I certainly don't sympathise with the person who states it in the song (a "school-shooter" who gives that as her reason) but I agree with the sentence in itself. When I get home on Mondays I normally feel totally exhausted and just want to sit and read all by myself. Try that with to little kids, the older one home from the week's first pre-schoolday and all fired up by that...

Otherwise we are coming up to more than 2 weeks without tap-water and it seems to be spreading all over Harare. Restaurant-owners are ferrying water daily to the near-by Newlands Shopping Centre, Mia's father in Mabelreign has no water since quite some time and so on. It is basically only in City Centre things are normal. The "authorities" are mum on what they plan to do, something that normally means they don't have a clue but is hoping for miracles.
Same with the fuel supplies, if you can not buy in forex you can basically forget all about getting any petrol or diesel.

And it is hot hot hot and still not much rain. This is not good at all, we just hope the rains will start any day now. Keep your fingers crossed...
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